A closer look on Golf GPS’s pros and cons

As golf is getting more and more popular, many people hope to get a magic to help them master and perform better in the games. Not long ago, only professional golf players could make exact count of the yardages. Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, we are reaching to a level where we can do what only professional players can. When Golf GPS was first introduced to the world, it made a revolution among golf players and help them go a far way. The question is how do we know which one is the best one to choose? There are Golf GPS Reviews on Internet but in order to get a closer look on this amazing technology, we introduce here some analysis on its pros and cons. We hope that with these extra insight into Golf GPS, people may find it easier to choose the best golf technology for themselves. [Read more…]

Sports with no drug

Drugs have long been the magic that help sport players gain great achievements during competitions. There are too many drugs that have been developed over the history of sport. Drugs appear in almost all sports and at all competitions nationally and internationally. During the history of human sports, many of the symbols and statues have been pushed down when they are discovered using doping in their games. All their awards are taken back and so are their reputation and love that fans and admirers give them. Lance Armstrong is one of the most typical names of using doping and losing his reputation. He used to be the legend of the biggest bicycle competition in the world – Tour de France. He got more awards than any others but then he was accused for using doping to support himself during some of the competitions and then he started to fall from his fame and legendary. [Read more…]

The effects of digital media on sports

When technologies develop and internet appeared, there was a revolution in human life. Every aspect of the life has been changed dramatically even sports. Sports have developed quickly since the internet appeared and now when social media play an important part in everyone’s life, sports once again has its own revolution. Sports now develop quickly and widely to every corner of the world. As long as you have access to internet you can do and see almost everything. With digital media channels and tools like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. sports are changing their faces everyday. In this article we will go to details of this revolution in sports. [Read more…]

Are women ever be able to stand tall before men in sports?

Inequity in life is a matter of debate for a long time and sports are not exception. There are too many issues of inequity and there are too many ways shown that people are not treated in the same way. It is no exception in sport when there is also the problem between women and men. The question we concern about in this article is that if women are ever able to stand with men in the same sport, play in the same game and compete directly with each other. This is not an easy answer because until now, after years since women raised and won the revolution in getting the equality with men, they are still not allowed to compete with men in the same game. We have women who play football, swimming, baseball, volleyball, golf and even weight lifting and many others but it is always separated clearly that women are supposed to compete with women but never with men. [Read more…]

Why soccer is not as popular in America as in other places?

It is not 100% true if somebody says that Americans don’t like soccer but everyone can see clearly that people in the country of dreams are not fancy the king sport like others in the rest of the world. Soccer is no doubt the most popular sport in the world. It is crazily loved in many countries from Asia to Africa and Europe. In America continent, especially in Latin America, people love and play this sport everywhere and you can easily see people of different ages play or watch football games. No matter who you are, man or woman, young or old, white or black, everyone seems to be crazily love it. However, in Americans seem to have their own favourite like baseball, basketball or rugby but definitely not soccer. Many people wonder the reasons why people in this big country do not go with the tendency. [Read more…]

Athletes and what they eat everyday

Athletes are sport players which means they play sport to earn a living and that is their careers. When you are experts in any aspects such as you are a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or a librarian, you all have to spend a lot of time to study and gain knowledge on that industries. It is the same for professional athletes because they have to go under strict and serious practices everyday. However, there are many other things that get involved in their practices in order to make them perform their best. One of the important factors that has huge impact on the practising results is the diet. [Read more…]

The new technology that golf players should know

Golf is getting more and more popular among other sports nowadays. It is common to ask your friends or partners to go for a golf game in a sunny day. It is sport of logic and entertainment at the same time. You have a healthy body and also enjoy the beautiful landscape of the golf field. Because of its arising popularity, companies are working their best to invent and produce supportive products for golf players in both professional and unprofessional words. One of the most recently invented devices that are followed by many golfers is Golf GPS. While many people believe that TomTom Golfer produces the best golf GPS smart watch, we will go back to some general information of this amazing device/software.

golf gps

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No sense in the gym? Sports at home!

You know the drill: you have always planned to play sports such as go to gym and practice SH’BAM, or get up early to have a walk but once you do it at home it is just not on. Too tired, too busy, no sense: all excuses that you no longer can hide behind. Indeed, it is very easy to combine the practice with your daily activities at home. Keep reading to find out more!

No sense in the gym [Read more…]

SH’BAM, dance workout to get in shape

SH’BAM is a dance workout that is the entire exercise through choreography. It is ideal to learn new dance moves while getting fit. The workout is from New Zealand and has quickly known worldwide. This is partly because the barrier to entry is very low. For anyone who likes to dance and move SH’BAM is a nice workout.

SHBAM dance work out to get in shape


SH’BAM is devised by Rachael Newsham. She works for the company Les Mills from New Zealand. The company Les Mills was founded by the son of the former Olympic athlete Leslie Roy Mills. The company is also in the Netherlands, making the workout also increasing prominence. SH’BAM is mainly sold to gyms.

Each number in the workout has a fixed choreography devised at the headquarters of Les Mills in New Zealand. The organizations providing SH’BAM have instructors on staffs that are trained every three months with new choreography. As a result, the quality of the workout is the same everywhere. [Read more…]

How to buy good walking shoes

There are many types of exercises that make you healthy and relax. If you like music and moving, you may get addicted to SH’BAM. If not, you can try walking. Walking is becoming increasingly popular, because we understand that nature is good for us. Combine it with good exercise and it is not surprising that we then try walking. If you do it regularly, it is not wrong at all to think of walking shoes. A good pair of walking which you walk on carefree kilometers is anything but pleasant, and it is also important for your health.

How to buy good walking shoes [Read more…]